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- Our Story -

Established in Everett, Washington in 1990 by a real estate attorney, Prestige remains locally owned and operated to this day.

I joined Prestige in 2004 after being recruited by the then-owner to grow and revitalize the company. 

Some back story...

Growing up with a family entrenched in real estate, it was the natural course of progression for me to go for my real estate license as soon as Washington state would allow.

My escrow career began quite accidentally, with an entry level job an independent escrow company in Seattle at the age of 17.

I fell in love with the fast pace and technical aspect of coordinating details between so many moving parts to help people achieve such important life goals...homeownership, investment income streams, businesses, growing families, etc.

Everyone has a story and important reason for each transaction to occur and it's always a big deal.

 As my career progressed I was recruited to work in escrow departments at 3 different title insurance companies as well as a law firm, and the leading independent escrow company in the state (at that time). 

I advanced in escrow ranks, passed the LPO Exam, and become a closer.

Throughout the years I became more familiar with operations and gained experience on various aspects of transactions and closing types.  I learned the efficiencies, inefficiencies, and demeanor of how closings were handled at different companies.

As time went on I realized that the customer closing experience was dictated by the culture of the company, attitude (aka happiness) of employees, and the ownership's ability to provide resources to their staff to meet and exceed customer needs.

I also came to the sad realization that overall the company culture at most Title Companies was not focused on escrow, or making sure the closing experience was stellar for Buyers and Sellers, but rather on selling title insurance policies as their main revenue stream.

Escrow was viewed as a subordinate and less important service and was therefore overlooked by corporate and senior staff in several areas. Employees were not empowered and moral was generally low.

There were also serious inefficiencies and unnecessary obstacles closing transactions in Washington while being corporately regulated out-of-state and communicating with support staff in foreign countries and time zones.

Fast forward to 2004...when offered the position at Prestige I saw an opportunity to create the idyllic escrow experienced that I had envisioned for so long - A locally based company, with local employees - educated and empowered to make decisions -  passionate about helping people - excited about the process - striving to always improve - using technology to our best advantage to increase efficiency - while never losing that personal touch. 

The ownership at the time gave me free rein to create my vision. He mentored, encouraged, and critiqued me every step of the way. In 2008 I became a partner in ownership and in 2012 I became the sole owner of Prestige.

Today we have 2 offices - Woodinville & Everett and 5 people on our closing team. 

We don't over-hire and fire in up and down markets. We stay consistent.

Our size gives us the agility to know our customers and create a personalized experience, take action quickly, and be fiercely efficient.

Our office locations are simply for customer convenience locations to sign documents, but our team and transactions are not separated by branch.

You will never hear the words "that's not my file, let me transfer you". 

From the Buyer and Seller's perspective, escrow is an extension of you as the Broker and we understand and appreciate the confidence that is placed in us when Prestige Escrow is written on a contract or requested in a listing. 

If you made it all the way to the end of this - Thank you for your time!

Always feel free to reach out by call or text if I can be a resource to you or help in any way. My cell is 425.268.7923


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