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The Non-Title Escrow Advantage

As an independent escrow company, our focus is 100% on the closing process and customer closing experience.

Escrow handles the preparation of legal documents, tabulation of figures, gathering of affidavits and documents to clear title, coordination of details between parties, facilitating customer signings, and receiving and disbursing funds.

Escrow also works closely with the title insurance company. This relationship creates a checks and balances system to ensure all matters pertaining to the title report and legal documents are accurate and triple checked, thereby avoiding possible errors.

For customers, escrow is always the single point of contact for everything escrow AND title related.

Title Insurance or "Title" is the function of an insurance company producing a title report showing matters of record pertaining to a property such as easements, mortgages, liens, deeds, recorded leases, covenants, property taxes, etc. The title company ultimately issues a title insurance policy (or policies) upon closing.

Some title insurance companies have an escrow department within their company, however the primary focus of a title company is to sell insurance, with escrow services as a secondary revenue stream and often under-served clientele.

After experiencing a closing with our office, a broker who previously utilized a national title company's escrow department for several years, commented, "I had no idea how much better the closing process could be!"

Our ownership is local, our team is agile, and we understand that the closing team is an extension of you and reflection of your professionalism.

We would love the opportunity to close a transaction and for you and your clients to experience the advantage of utilizing an independent local escrow team versus a national company.


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